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Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

a) Responsible for ensuring that the rules of the PA Committee are followed.
b) Prepares the agenda for the meetings with the Secretary.
c) Chairs all meetings and moderates on all discussions to ensure all attendees are afforded an equal opportunity to contribute to the business of the meeting.
d) Presents the Chairperson’s report at the AGM
e) Ensures that the work is shared and that teamwork is reviewed, including proper coordination with the wider PA activities not organised by the PA Committee.
f) Helps the PA Committee to have clear vision and goals.
g) Represents the PA at any formal occasion or nominates someone in their place if needed h) Signs the minutes of the previous meeting when approved by the PA Committee as a record of the business and decisions of that meeting.

Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer

  1. a)  Keeps an accurate record of money received and disbursed by the PA
    b) Liaises with the school board and the PA Committee regarding all financial aspects of the PA
  2. b)  Prepares a year-end reconciliation for presentation at the AGM.

Secretary and Vice-Secretary

a) Records the minutes of meetings including matters arising.
b) Helps the Chairperson prepare the annual report for the AGM.
c) Notifies PA Committee members of forthcoming meetings and forwards minutes of the last meeting and the agenda for the next meeting.
d) Coordinates help for PA activities
e) Prepares the agenda for meetings in consultation with the Chairperson
f) Ensures an attendance record of all attendees is completed for all PA Committee meetings.

Class Representative Coordinator(s)

a) Publicise events and activities organised by the PA.
b) Be the official first point of contact for class representatives and Parents for PA activities. c) Make representations at each Junior Infant Parent introductory meeting and provide information regarding the PA and support participation as Parent Class Representatives
d) Provide information to Parents about how to contact their child’s Teacher, the Principal and the PA
e) Liaise with the Social Media Coordinator to effectively fulfil the above role.

About us:

We are the Parents Association of Wexford Educate Together national school. The committee is made up of parents of children in our school. We work with the Principal and Board of Management for the betterment of our children.



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